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"I love the community that this is building, and the stories are hilarious."

- Gary

Geese and ducks.
Learn to Raise Animals!

Homestead farming depends on a good supply of protein, and we'll help you with poultry and many other breeds of animals for meat, milk, fur, and eggs.

Integrate the Faith in Your Life!

The Catholic Faith is the center of all we do, though anyone of any faith is welcome to take our courses. We help you see the spiritual side of farming and provide you with a deeper appreciation of God's goodness to us in the world we live in.

Learn Related Skills!

We will teach you all kinds of other things beyond raising plants and animals: key survival skills (including in nuclear emergencies), how to organize your barn, advice on fences, and much more!

Hi, we are Dr. Douglas Darnowski (left) and Nicholas Belt (right), cofounders of Sts Therese and Isidore Farm College. Adele Darnowski also deserves great credit in this endeavor.

Doug has his B.S. from Yale and Ph.D from Cornell, having worked as a professor at standard colleges and universities for over two decades. Nicholas worked for Franciscan University for years in the Austria study-abroad program, as well as work in other academic positions.

We decided to do something more real, founding Sts Therese and Isidore Farm College to teach traditional farming, related trades, and the Catholic Faith. Doug and his wife have been doing homestead farming for almost two decades, raising and eating a wide variety of crops as well as pigs, rabbits, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, quail, and turkeys. And we have raised bees. And done many other things. We've made mistakes and learned from them--let us help you to build a better life.